Hello Peru!

Peru: the trip that started the blog.

We are in Lima, Peru. How did we get to South America? By plane, of course: the most obvious and Borscht Belt comedian inspired answer. But really, how did we get to South America? We got to South America by luck, ingenuity, planning and all those other things that make up the recipe for a great adventure.

The very short story: Sean got a new job. This new job has him traveling to South America. Sean and Nina (and Sofia!) used to live in London so the idea of spending time in another country, especially after ten years back in the U.S. seemed very appealing. Sean thought: I need to learn Spanish! I will be going back and forth a lot anyway and miss everyone too much when I’m gone. Nina thought: Get me out of New York! And, this way I won’t have to put the kids in camp. Sofia thought: What a fun experience! Oscar thought: Oh no, will I be able to watch the Yankee games? After lots of meetings, organizing, arranging, agonizing and all that other not fun stuff here we are, ready to spend six weeks living in Lima, Peru. We cannot wait.

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