The Park

Hi, it’s Oscar. The park is across from our apartment. It has a big space to play baseball and soccer. Also, any sport of your choice. The workout equipment is really fun. It is all outside. I have been playing ball with Daddy every morning at 630am, Peruvian time. There are lots of guys on … More The Park

Sean Saves the Day!

Yesterday was our first full day in Peru and with it came the expected highs and lows of travel. The highs; being somewhere new, walking and exploring. The lows: being somewhere new, walking and exploring. We walked a total of eight miles. Sofia and Oscar were troopers and walked without (too many) complaints. The ice … More Sean Saves the Day!


Hi! It’s me, Sofia! Today was our first full day in Peru! We got out of our hotel at about ten. We saw amazing things in the streets of Lima. First, we had coffee at a bakery called La Mora. Then, we went to a mall, called Larcomar. Now I love shopping so that was … More Explore!!!

Good morning, Lima!

A beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean from our slightly dirty hotel room window.  Even though we got to the hotel late, we were all up bright and early (oh the joy of sharing a room with our early bird, Oscar) and are ready to do some exploring.

Hello Peru!

Peru: the trip that started the blog. We are in Lima, Peru. How did we get to South America? By plane, of course: the most obvious and Borscht Belt comedian inspired answer. But really, how did we get to South America? We got to South America by luck, ingenuity, planning and all those other things … More Hello Peru!