The Park

Hi, it’s Oscar. The park is across from our apartment. It has a big space to play baseball and soccer. Also, any sport of your choice. The workout equipment is really fun. It is all outside. I have been playing ball with Daddy every morning at 630am, Peruvian time. There are lots of guys on Parasails. There are lots of people surfing in the Pacific Ocean. You can see them from the park. There are also a lot of people running along the path. You can take that path to Larcomar. At Larcomar this is a big arcade, a bowling alley, a movie theater and great restaurants and shops. I had ice cream there twice already! Exerciseinthepark

2 thoughts on “The Park

  1. Larcomar is one of the coolest malls I’ve been too! I also love the park! Especially the cool swing exercise equipment!😅🎁


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