London, Part Two

You may have noticed that around here lately the answer to the question “what to do tomorrow” never seems to be “write a blog post.” One of the problems with blogging about your travels is that sometimes you are just too darn tired (or lazy, but tired sounds better) to write about your adventures after … More London, Part Two


We arrived in London early Saturday morning. Even thought the sun was already shining in Sweden, we needed the alarm to wake us up at 4 am. After only a few hours of sleep, we threw on some clothes and checked out of our hotel in Gothenburg. While I waited with the bags and the … More London


Today is our last day in Sweden. Early tomorrow morning we leave for a few days in London before heading home. We are back on the West Coast in the city of Gothenburg (Göteborg) after a few glorious days in Stockholm and the surrounding countryside. Stockholm is one of my favorite cities and our friends … More Gothenburg