Today is our last day in Sweden. Early tomorrow morning we leave for a few days in London before heading home. We are back on the West Coast in the city of Gothenburg (Göteborg) after a few glorious days in Stockholm and the surrounding countryside. Stockholm is one of my favorite cities and our friends who live there are among my favorite people so that part of the trip deserves a separate blog post. (Oddly, the Scandinavian version of this blog has been a lot less orderly than the Peruvian version. Who knows what will hope when we leave for Colombia in a few weeks!)

Growing up, Sean spent a lot of time in Gotheburg so it’s always fun to come back for a visit and see how the city has changed. However, there are two things that we always have to do when we visit Gothenburg and one of them is to eat lunch at the Fish Church (Feskekörka) which is an indoor fish and seafood market built in the late 1800’s to resemble a church. There are a couple of restaurantsto to chose from but our favorite is Restaurant Gabriel which sits on a platform high above the market. The food is outstanding and Johan Malm, the chef/owner is charming. Oscar ate the fish of the day, local mackerel. The recipe was from the chef’s grandmother. Even Sofia ate a piece of lemon sole!

The second thing we always do when we visit Gothenburg is go to Liseberg which is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. The kids have been waiting to come here the entire time we have been in Sweden. We are lucky enough to have a view of the park from our room at the Gothia Tower Hotel. Sean and the kids are there right now going on a couple of early morning rides before the park opens to the general public. I will join them soon for the couple of not-too-scary rides that I am willing to go on. More Gothenburg adventures later…

2 thoughts on “Gothenburg

  1. I have been to Sweden, but I haven’t visited Göteborg yet. Sounds like a nice place to visit! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Aww I truly feel like having some local mackerel cooked in a traditional, Swedish way! Thanks for sharing. I moved to Gothenburg almost 6 months ago and there are still two activities I haven´t done: going to Leiseberg and eating at the Fish Market 🙂

    I also wrote an article about the city, check it out if you like 🙂


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