Gothenburg, Part Two

The remainder of our time in Gothenburg and Sweden went by really quickly. After our return from the East Coast of Sweden (which I promise to write about soon!) we had two more days in Nösund. We spent one afternoon on the island of Gullholmen visiting friends. (This is the same family that we spent time with in Stockholm but another branch. Sean’s parents have been friends with the Waldenströms for nearly 50 years and Sean and I have become friendly with their kids and our kids with their kids. They are such a great family and we love spending time with all of them.) The island where they have their summer place on the West Coast is a jumble of houses perched on a rocky island about a twenty minute drive and five minute ferry ride away from the island where Sean’s parents have their house. It was cool and chilly that day so before lunch we walked around, admiring the architecture and the view.  We spent our last night in Nösund using the sauna and jumping into the cold sea and eating fresh fish for dinner. (As far as I am concerned, the perfect way to end a seaside vacation!)

In the two days that we spent in the city, we walked nearly 20 miles. (Sofia walked about half of those cobblestone-covered miles in her new red Swedish clog sandals. I am very jealous I didn’t buy myself a pair.) We walked from our hotel, the crowded but conviently located, Gothia Towers, past the canals and narrow pedestrian shopping streets to lunch at the fish church then all around Haga, the quaint old town. We took a different route back to our hotel past the university, then went for dinner at Tavena Averna in trendy Linnèstaden, near the water. The Swedes do fish and meatballs pretty well but they don’t offer too many choices for vegetarians. So, Sofia was thrilled to finally have an interesting vegetarian meal for dinner: flatbread with avocado, red onion and honey drizzled seeds followed by asparagus risotto. By the time we got back to our room we were all exhausted. The summer sun in Scandinavia easily fools you so we have all been going to bed so much later than we normally do.

But, we were up early for breakfast and our visit to Lisebeg. I only went on one ride, Baldur, the brain rattling wooden roller coaster. Sean, Sofia and Oscar went on almost every ride. (Sean has still not recovered from this.) After covering nearly every inch of the park, we met up with Sean’s friend Anders and his cute kids Ludwig and Linnea. Sean and Anders have been friends for over 35 years and met when Anders lived next door to Sean’s Uncle Morgan. Anders claims it was Sean who introduced the symbolic middle finger gesture to Sweden in the early 80’s. (No doubt learned on the mean streets of New York City.) After lunch, the kids went to the Universeum Museum with their grandparents who had come into town to see us on our last day. While they walked through the aquarium and indoor rainforest, Sean and I took one last walk around Gothenburg, marvelling at how busy and cosmpolition the city had become. We had some drinks and snacks (Oscar finally got to eat a Wallenbergere, which is a veal burger) at the top of our hotel before taking one last spin on the Ferris wheel at Liseberg. 

(Not the Ferris Wheel, but another scary ride that Sean and the kids went on and I didn’t.)

We left very early this morning for London. We are here now, staying in our old neighborhood and I think we could easily go home today with all the ground we have covered since our arrival. It’s really strange to back in the city that we once lived in after being away for over a decade. I feel like I am in a time warp and half expect to bump into a younger version of myself around every corner. But, maybe that’s what happens when you wake up at the 4 in the morning. Sofia, of course, is thrilled to be back in the city of her birth. More adventures tomorrow….

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