Today is our last day in Sweden. Early tomorrow morning we leave for a few days in London before heading home. We are back on the West Coast in the city of Gothenburg (Göteborg) after a few glorious days in Stockholm and the surrounding countryside. Stockholm is one of my favorite cities and our friends … More Gothenburg

Mollosund: A Review

Hi it’s Sofia and Oscar! We’ve only been in Sweden for a couple of days but we made sure our first trip was to one of our favorite places. On Tuesday we went to this awesome town on the water near my grandparent’s house called Mollosund. It’s filled with beautiful boats, houses and cobblestone streets. … More Mollosund: A Review

We’re here!

The kids and I have been on the west coast of Sweden at my in-laws summer cottage for a few days now and it feels like we have been here forever and yet also just arrived. Jetlag and long haul flights do that to you, I suppose. The trip over was relatively easy, but from … More We’re here!