Mollosund: A Review

Hi it’s Sofia and Oscar! We’ve only been in Sweden for a couple of days but we made sure our first trip was to one of our favorite places. On Tuesday we went to this awesome town on the water near my grandparent’s house called Mollosund. It’s filled with beautiful boats, houses and cobblestone streets. One thing we love is climbing the many rocks near the water. Since these rocks are near the water they have beautiful tidal pools and views.

Another thing we also look forward to in Mollosund is the pizza. This is on our top five best pizza places list. Probably because the pizza is amazing, not to mention you are right on the water and they give you blankets if its cold (it was cold!)  Our whole family loves this place. There isn’t only pizza, it also has different foods such as  pasta, and fish, but we’ve never had them since no one would dare to order anything but pizza. Oscar had ham and I had Margherita.The unique element about this pizza is the amount of oregano they put on it. We always make it our duty to come at least twice during our trip. After this pizza we go to a place that is also on our top five (yes, this place has a lot of winners). This is the ice cream shop. If I only had to have this ice cream for the rest of my life I would. I had white chocolate (my favorite kind of the three) and a swedish ice cream that consisted of what tasted like crunchy malt balls.

Overall Mollosund is beautiful, and I love going there every year. I can’t wait to go back when my dad comes and maybe try something new.


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