Hi! It’s me, Sofia! Today was our first full day in Peru! We got out of our hotel at about ten. We saw amazing things in the streets of Lima. First, we had coffee at a bakery called La Mora. Then, we went to a mall, called Larcomar. Now I love shopping so that was a bonus, but the best part was that the mall was outside. There were multiple levels and beautiful views of the Pacific. Our lunch was so amazing! We went to a restaurant named Tanta. Everything was so fresh and well prepared. It was true cuisine of Peru. The ice cream down here is fabulous! You would be surprised how many ice cream stands there are! Besides the mall there were a bunch of cute shops where you could get fruit (and ice cream!). But most of all the parks are amazing! Every park has nice trails and beautiful flowers. There is even gym equipment in the middle of the parks.  Today may be my first day in Lima but I’m loving already.

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