Crepes for Lunch

Hi, it’s Sofia and Oscar! Today we went with Mama to a crepe restaurant called Palachinke near the Parque Kennedy. We have been wanting to go here but it doesn’t open until 1pm for lunch (and Mama never wants to have crepes for lunch but today she let us because Daddy is traveling.)  After school … More Crepes for Lunch

Lunch With Pepe

One of the difficult things about being abroad is not having your network of friends and family. In the U.S. we live in a small town where we know lots of people. Both of our parents live within 20 miles and between the two of us we have five siblings within 70 miles (that’s not … More Lunch With Pepe

Vegetarian In Peru

Hi! It’s Sofia! And it has been one heck of a ride being a vegetarian down here. Thank god, there is Italian descent here and lots of vegetarians. At some restaurants (like the one I went to tonight “Pescado Capitales”) there are vegetarian sections in the menu. But, at others (like “Pardo’s Chicken” a chicken … More Vegetarian In Peru

Buffet Party!!!

It’s Sofia! This weekend, on Saturday for lunch, we went to a buffet chain restaurant in the Barranco neighborhood called Rustica. (The Peruvians love buffets.) There was a band and the waiters do crazy dances on top of a long bar table while you wait on different lines to get authentic Peruvian food including Alpaca … More Buffet Party!!!

The Routine, So Far

We are very slowly…muy lentatmente (I had to look that up, by the way)…settling into a routine. Which so far seems to be: school, supermarket, a long walk that involves ice cream, relaxing after the walk, back to the apartment. It doesn’t sound like much but some how, so far, it seems to fill the … More The Routine, So Far

Sean Saves the Day!

Yesterday was our first full day in Peru and with it came the expected highs and lows of travel. The highs; being somewhere new, walking and exploring. The lows: being somewhere new, walking and exploring. We walked a total of eight miles. Sofia and Oscar were troopers and walked without (too many) complaints. The ice … More Sean Saves the Day!


Hi! It’s me, Sofia! Today was our first full day in Peru! We got out of our hotel at about ten. We saw amazing things in the streets of Lima. First, we had coffee at a bakery called La Mora. Then, we went to a mall, called Larcomar. Now I love shopping so that was … More Explore!!!