Buffet Party!!!

It’s Sofia! This weekend, on Saturday for lunch, we went to a buffet chain restaurant in the Barranco neighborhood called Rustica. (The Peruvians love buffets.) There was a band and the waiters do crazy dances on top of a long bar table while you wait on different lines to get authentic Peruvian food including Alpaca (I think my mom accidentally tried it!). The place is crazy. When you enter there are fake statues of people and a lot of noise. We went at the worst time, when the Copa America in soccer was on. It was the finals. Argentina vs Chile. When the game started the place went crazy. (Too bad, Peru wasn’t in the final because they lost the other day.)  I think we were the only people in there from the U.S.!

kidsrusticausrusticaPictures of us with the Peruvian Presidents that greet you upon arrival at Rustica.

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