Crepes for Lunch

Hi, it’s Sofia and Oscar! Today we went with Mama to a crepe restaurant called Palachinke near the Parque Kennedy. We have been wanting to go here but it doesn’t open until 1pm for lunch (and Mama never wants to have crepes for lunch but today she let us because Daddy is traveling.)  After school we walked around Lima for two hours. It was annoying. When we arrived at the crepe place there was an open kitchen were you could see a man frying up sweet and savory crepes. There were many different toppings for the crepes. The crepes were huge. We should have shared but everyone wanted different toppings. We started with two humongous fruit drinks, Oscar had frozen lemonade and Sofia had frozen strawberry. In Peru, they love fruit juice. There are so many stands with fresh fruit juice.

Oscar had a ham, cheese and chicken crepe. Sofia had cheese and onion. Mama had cheese, onion, tomato, mushroom and artichoke. It looked like a pillow it was so big. Even the waiter said, “grande, grande!” They brought out the crepes flat on a tray like a pizza but then they folded it like a burrito. Mama asked why we were so interested in eating crepes and Sofia said, “crepes are the fashion designers of breakfast. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are so interesting.”



Even though we were stuffed and had to take half of our crepes home, we shared a sweet crepe with Nutella, chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream. It was so delicious.


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