Exotic Eating

Hi, it’s Oscar and Nana! Today is Nana and Pa’s last day in Peru and Mama scheduled a food tour with the company Lima te Llena. Our guide, Jose met us and we walked to the Mercado Surquillo No. 2 which is the smaller and less well-known of the two markets. He told us a lot about Peruvian food.  The market housed several stalls selling everything from toys, seafood, whole chickens and ducks to bootleg DVDs. We began by tasting fried shrimp, calamari and scallops, a delicious tirado and a traditional Peruvian fish soup. (No one really liked the soup.) From there we walked over to another stall to taste some fruits that only grow in the Amazon region. Then we tried some typical Peruvian snacks like roasted lima beans, Peruvian cheeses and quinoa balls.

Then we walked to a stall where they serve traditional food from the Amazon. Nana and I cooked plantain balls with fried plantains, fried pork skin and pork fat. foodtour1 We also had delicious chorizo and smoked pancetta. It was porky goodness.

Foodtour2Sofia didn’t eat any of it. Unfortunately, Pa and Sofia had to sit next to a fish stand filled with whole fish and they didn’t like the look or the smell of it.

foodtour3The grown ups also got to taste a digestive drink from the Amazon which contained alcohol made from a tree bark, a molasses like syrup and bee pollen. They said it tasted much better than it sounds. Finally, we tasted some more fruits and some dessert. The dessert was a dulce de leche filled cookie.

We had such a great time!


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