Intrepid Travelers, Minions and More

The elevator that brings us directly into our apartment was busy last night: My sister Katrina arrived at 11 p.m. and Sean left for a business trip to Colombia at 3 a.m. After the three-day holiday we were back at school this morning. Katrina walked with us and wandered around town while we had class. After, we went for churros and cafe con leche at Manolo, a small cafe down the street from our school that Katrina had found. Leave it to her to be in Lima for less than 12 hours and find somewhere new for us to go! She is quite the intrepid traveler and it will be fun to see the city with her. We have already shopped for tonight’s dinner at the Surquillo market and had lunch at Larcomar. Lots more ground to cover. katrina katrina2katrina4(I discovered that Katrina is as Minion obsessed as the kids are and there has already been lots of viewing of the movie trailer. By the way, I could devote a whole blog post to how outraged Oscar is that they are only showing the Minion movie here dubbed in Spanish, not with subtitles. “Doblada” has become a curse word in our house. Ever since the movie came out last week he has made me check the movie listing every day throughout the country to see if one theater somewhere has changed its mind and is showing it with subtitles. No luck yet. It is something that we devote a lot of time to instead of just going to see the damn movie in Spanish. The Minions don’t even speak English! Who cares?! His teacher gave him a website to try to watch a bootleg copy online but it didn’t work. I am praying that the movie is still in the theaters when we get home!) katrina1But, unlike Oscar, I am not wishing our time away just so I can see a movie in English. I can’t believe that we only have a week left in Lima. The time has gone by so quickly. I feel like we are just starting to settle in and learn our way around the city and Peruvian culture. Our Spanish has improved but we could all use more classes and time to practice. I miss the sunshine and my house (and my bed! I can’t wait to sleep in my bed!) but I am also starting to feel apprehensive about going back home. It’s been such a treat to have a break from our life at home with its routines and many obligations. Of course, it is much more exciting to be away from home than to be at home, so maybe it’s not exactly fair to compare our normal life with a two month stint in South America. I wonder what I will blog about when we get back? My brother Eric is the one who encouraged me to start this blog and helped me set up the website a few days before we left. I had often thought about starting a blog but wondered what I would write about, who would read it, etc. . .the usual excuses of the lazy and insecure. This trip seemed like the perfect reason to finally do it and I am really enjoying chronicling our adventures despite my limited readership. (Thanks, those who are reading!) Will the blog survive when we get home? Maybe, much like the opportunity that created it, the blog will entice me to create my own adventures at home.

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