The Apartment

It wasn’t easy finding a long-term rental in Lima. We didn’t have too much lead-time and most places wanted to us to take the apartment for either just one week or a whole year. Sean found this apartment on line through a rental agency. The location is fantastic, right in the middle of Miraflores, across from a huge park and the ocean and only a 15-minute walk to our Spanish school. The view is amazing. We have a doorman and an elevator that goes directly into the apartment. We have been having a lot of fun taking selfies in the mirrored wall in the elevator. But, although the apartment is big it is not very cozy or comfortable for a long-term stay. The beds are so uncomfortable (how many times can I complain about this?!) and the tiled floors are damp and slick in the mornings because of the humidity.

There have been so many things that have been broken in the apartment because it’s old and not very well kept. (We now have a huge hole…like one you can stick your head through…in one of the bathroom doors because the lock was broken and the door was shut and that was the solution the doorman came up with.) The woman who manages the apartment is terrible (she kept us waiting in the lobby for nearly an hour and half the day we arrived despite confirming with us that morning, a very telling start to our relationship with her. No word from her yet on the bathroom door situation.) So, combine that with our limited Spanish and it has been very frustrating.

But, one of things we have really loved about the apartment (apart from the great view, we love our views!) is the open plan living room/dining room. There are four separate seating areas (two tables and two sofas) in the one open space, which means there are lots of different areas for people to be reading, using the computer or iPad or playing games. I like that we are all in one room most of the time. There are three bedrooms right off the main living area. The kitchen is off to one side and much like our house I like that it is a separate area just for cooking. We have been giggling over the doorbell that is right next to the dining table. It rings in the kitchen and in the maid’s quarters to summon the….maid?

After living in a house for so many years it’s been interesting to be living in an apartment again. I like having the view of the city. Now that I know Lima a little bit better I am starting to recognize the traffic patterns on the streets and can point out landmarks in the distance. I find it comforting to watch people coming and going from my high perch. (We are on the 15th floor, which is the same floor as our old apartment in New York City.) We watch the dogs running in the park in the morning and the surfers trying to catch a wave in the afternoon. At night you can see the city lights in every direction.

apt5What I do not like are the noises that come with the city view: Car alarms at all hours, dogs barking and the garbage being picked up at 3 a.m. But, when all is quiet I can hear the distant roar of the Pacific Ocean and I know for sure that I am not in my bedroom at home.

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