Happy Birthday Oscar!

Depending on your perspective, Oscar has been very lucky or very unlucky to spend his last two birthdays away from home, on another continent. (Last year Panama, this year Colombia.) Unlike some other members of our family, Oscar is a pretty low key guy who doesn’t need a lot of fanfare or is someone wants a big party. But, I still think everyone should feel special on their birthday and do something a little bit different. So, here in his own words is Oscar’s description of how he celebrated his 10th birthday:

I woke up and there were presents downstairs. And Mama decorated a little bit. I got a ping pong table (editors note: not the actual table), Clue, a travel basketball hoop, a Velcro dartboard, a Colombia soccer jersey and the game Master Mind. 

(The altar of presents.)

For breakfast I had a quiche Lorraine from the bakery, Eric Kayser. (I also got a chocolate crossant but I didn’t want it.) I had to wait for Sofia to wake up and Daddy to get back from the gym until I opened my presents. After I opened my presents, we went to the arcade in the Andino Mall. After that, we went to Crepes & Waffles. I had a ham and cheese crepe covered with Bolognese sauce. Then, for dessert I had a Nutella waffle covered in ice cream and whipped cream.

(Nutella crepe.)

 Then, went to Los Legartos (a country club) and I swam in one of the biggest pools I have ever seen. Then, we came home and I got ready to go to one of the fanciest restaurants in Bogota called Criterion. This was the 18th best restaurant in Latin America in 2015. 

(Very pleased to be at Criterion.)

Daddy and Sofia shared a cheese fondue. I tried it but I thought the cheese was too strong. Mama had a fish stew, Daddy had steak covered in foie gras on a pastry and Sofia had a mushroom risotto. I had a delicious Beef Bourginon with a red wine sauce, mushroom and mashed potatoes. Then, I had creme brûlée. The two chefs of the restaurant, the Rausch brothers, are very famous chefs in Colombia and they came over to our table and talked to us for a long time. (We didn’t take a picture.) I was sad my birthday was over but I had a really, really fun day. 

(Party’s over!)

One thought on “Happy Birthday Oscar!

  1. Happy birthday Oscat! You are one sophisticated 10 year old. Sounds like you had an awesome celebration – I can’t believe you are 10! What a milestone – felicitaciones!



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