Panama City Day One

Stepping out of the stale, air conditioned air inside the Panama City airport, especially after arriving from the frigid winter weather in New York felt like walking into a sauna. We were immediately sweating. But, it felt so good to be back. The kids and I had experienced a rushed morning getting to JFK: movies … More Panama City Day One

Back Home

I ran into an acquaintance the other day while the kids and I were out on some errands. She knew that we had been in South America for the summer and asked how long we had been back home. I had to think for a long time then do the math in my head. I … More Back Home

Pedasi Part III

My fishermen and woman have some more fishing tales to tell and I am hoping they will (at some point! I can only nag so much) share their experience on the blog. It was really windy the second time they went out but they returned safely with lots of stories to tell and fish for … More Pedasi Part III

Pedasi Part II

I am going to leave the fishing tales for the fishermen and woman to tell in another post. For those of you who follow Sean on any kind of social media you already know that they had a good day. So good in fact, that they are back out fishing right now while I repeat … More Pedasi Part II

Pedasi Part I

So far it’s been an interesting study in contrasts between Peru and Panama. I don’t think we have been in Panama long enough to fairly compare it to a country that we lived in for six weeks but we just can’t help ourselves. I am feeling bad about this, like I am cheating on South … More Pedasi Part I

Welcome to Panama

Landing in Panama City after taking off from Lima was like entering Oz: green, green and more green. The air was warm and humid. The skyscrapers are stacked next to one another hugging the Pacific Ocean. As we drove through the city to our hotel Oscar said it looked like Miami. And parts of it … More Welcome to Panama