Bridge of Lies?

As luck would have it, we all came down with the same sickness that Sofia and Oscar had when my parents arrived. We thought we were in the clear when we woke up on Tuesday morning and everyone felt fine. Sean left for a business trip to Colombia early that morning and after school and lunch we went on a private tour of Lima. But despite the wish my mother made that no one else get sick, not one of us was spared, although it seemed to hit me the worse. (Legend has it that if a first time visitor to Lima runs across the bridge of sighs—Puente de los Suspiros–in the Barranco district while holding their breath and making a wish, that wish will come true. So much for that and for the wish I made!)

bridgeofsighsWe managed to see the sights of Lima, including the beautiful sixteenth century architecture in the center of town, witness some of the most horrendous traffic I have even seen and eat another great meal at Rafael before getting hit. I spent most of the day yesterday lying in bed while my mom took the kids to and from school and out for lunch and games at the arcade at Larcomar. (It takes a lot to knock those Finns down!) From my very comfy seat on the couch I watched the parasails glide over the Pacific while the sun set. After lots of ginger ale and a restorative shower, I managed to make it to our reservation at the fantastic Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant, Maido (I need to go back when I am feeling hungry!) and take a couple of sips of Ramen soup. Oscar and my mom had their usual feast: gyoza, salmon tartar, crispy pork belly and black cod. We all went to bed early and I’m happy to say we are all (mostly) feeling better today!

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