Here Come the Sun*

We finally saw the sun today. It didn’t just peek through the curtain of gray that hangs over Lima during the winter but was a full-on, blue skies kind of sun. Not to be all melodramatic but I have felt like Margot in the Ray Bradbury short story, “All in a Summer Day.” (Very melodramatic. But I have missed the New York summer sun.)

sunEveryone was outside. So of course we had to join them. We are lucky enough to have El Malecon right across the street from our apartment. The six mile long promenade sits on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific and is filled with green space, pathways, sculptures and playgrounds. We spend a lot of time there and have walked the length of it several times.

sun1sun2Darkness comes early but we managed to get a picture of the sunset before heading inside. (* The kids have been listening to lots of Beatles radio on Pandora!)


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