The Gray Twilight

Sean took a picture of this quote in the lobby of the building where he had a meeting earlier today. I love it and think it is so appropriate. Sean is the reason we are in Lima and he is the person in our family to always think big (or go home!) the one who encourages us to take risks and also makes sure we don’t linger too long in the gray twilight.

But despite this inspirational quote from Mr. Roosevelt, we haven’t done anything very exciting today. The kids didn’t mind at all that we ran a few errands after school then came right home to eat lunch and do…nothing. There are certainly things we could still do and see in Lima. But, today I am tired and am feeling like we are already halfway out the door.  I think the kids must also need a break and spent the afternoon making music videos, taking online quizzes and playing Family Feud against the computer. So, we will go out for dinner soon (we need to eat and there are still so many restaurants to try) and will think about what to do tomorrow.

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