We had our final day at school today, including a small birthday celebration for Oscar who turns nine on Tuesday. I am going to miss our walks to school. We are always running late (we have been between five and ten minutes late everyday, very South American of us!) but we still manage to chat a lot in between telling the kids to walk faster and watch out for the cars.

schoolA few of our teachers, Lucia and Marilyn. Not pictured: Melissa and Marco. We are going to miss the Peruwayna Spanish School but already have plans to do some Skype lessons with some of our teachers once we get home.

We met Pepe for lunch at a seafood restaurant called La Picanteria in the Surquillio neighborhood. All the food is family style and the fish is sold by weight. The servers keep track of the available fish on a giant chalkboard. It sells out quickly! We had a whole cabrilla (similar to seabass), first served as ceviche, then fried and finally made into a soup. After eating the seafood in Lima (so good! so fresh!) I don’t know how we are going be able to eat it when we get back home. This restaurant was the perfect place for our last lunch in Lima and it was so great to see Pepe again.

Since it is the eve of our last day in Lima I thought it would be appropriate to list a couple of things that we will miss….

limaloveSean: Watching the paragliders. Pisco Sours. Carmenere. Rocoto peppers. The Malecon.

Nina: The food. Being so close to the ocean. Walking around the city. Going on adventures with my family. The palm trees. Going to school again. Chilcanos!

Sofia: Peruwayna School. Looking at the ocean. The restaurants. Jugo fresa.

Oscar: Larcomar. School and my teacher Marilyn.

We cannot believe how quickly the six weeks have gone by. It’s been an amazing, transformational and exciting adventure. Next post from Panama!

One thought on “LimaLove

  1. So glad to hear that school is one of the best parts of your summer vacation. I’ll be sure to let your teachers know. (Kidding, I won’t tell your secrets!) xo Ali


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