Sunday in Bogota

After our huge lunch on Saturday we decided to dedicate Sunday morning to getting some exercise. Our goal was to hike to the top of the Monserrate Mountain (Cerro de Monserrate.) The peak of the mountain sits on the edge of the city. At over 10,000 feet above sea level it is a popular tourist … More Sunday in Bogota

London, Part 3

Our final full day in London was spent much the same way as our first and second: walking a lot, eating a lot and seeing some sights. Unless we are at the beach, that pretty much seems to be the formula for the Hayes family vacations. It seems to work for us! While Sean went … More London, Part 3

London, Part Two

You may have noticed that around here lately the answer to the question “what to do tomorrow” never seems to be “write a blog post.” One of the problems with blogging about your travels is that sometimes you are just too darn tired (or lazy, but tired sounds better) to write about your adventures after … More London, Part Two

Mollosund: A Review

Hi it’s Sofia and Oscar! We’ve only been in Sweden for a couple of days but we made sure our first trip was to one of our favorite places. On Tuesday we went to this awesome town on the water near my grandparent’s house called Mollosund. It’s filled with beautiful boats, houses and cobblestone streets. … More Mollosund: A Review

We’re here!

The kids and I have been on the west coast of Sweden at my in-laws summer cottage for a few days now and it feels like we have been here forever and yet also just arrived. Jetlag and long haul flights do that to you, I suppose. The trip over was relatively easy, but from … More We’re here!