Ballestas Islands

I woke up early this morning to the sound of Sean’s voice coming from the patio, asking the hotel staff if the boat to the Ballestas Islands was still leaving given the weather. I peeked outside. It was gray and misty. I burrowed my head deeper into my pillow: I thought we had left that … More Ballestas Islands

Crepes for Lunch

Hi, it’s Sofia and Oscar! Today we went with Mama to a crepe restaurant called Palachinke near the Parque Kennedy. We have been wanting to go here but it doesn’t open until 1pm for lunch (and Mama never wants to have crepes for lunch but today she let us because Daddy is traveling.)  After school … More Crepes for Lunch

Here Come the Sun*

We finally saw the sun today. It didn’t just peek through the curtain of gray that hangs over Lima during the winter but was a full-on, blue skies kind of sun. Not to be all melodramatic but I have felt like Margot in the Ray Bradbury short story, “All in a Summer Day.” (Very melodramatic. … More Here Come the Sun*

Sunday in Lima

Today we set out early, at 10 a.m. We walked through the nearly empty streets of Miraflores and grabbed breakfast at a local cafe followed by shopping at the farmer’s market in San Isidro. A lot of products in the markets in Lima (not necessarily at the supermarkets) seem to be local to Peru but … More Sunday in Lima

Lunch With Pepe

One of the difficult things about being abroad is not having your network of friends and family. In the U.S. we live in a small town where we know lots of people. Both of our parents live within 20 miles and between the two of us we have five siblings within 70 miles (that’s not … More Lunch With Pepe

Vegetarian In Peru

Hi! It’s Sofia! And it has been one heck of a ride being a vegetarian down here. Thank god, there is Italian descent here and lots of vegetarians. At some restaurants (like the one I went to tonight “Pescado Capitales”) there are vegetarian sections in the menu. But, at others (like “Pardo’s Chicken” a chicken … More Vegetarian In Peru

Exotic Eating

Hi, it’s Oscar and Nana! Today is Nana and Pa’s last day in Peru and Mama scheduled a food tour with the company Lima te Llena. Our guide, Jose met us and we walked to the Mercado Surquillo No. 2 which is the smaller and less well-known of the two markets. He told us a … More Exotic Eating